Medical Grade Plastics: Solvays new offerings.

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Material vendor relationships are an important part of an injection molding business and at Three R Plastics we take every opportunity to seek out new materials which meet our customers ever expanding property and process requirements.

Solvay a world of healthcare possibilities.

Solvay has proven to be a valuable partner and took some time recently to introduce our team to a number of new materials offerings with a special focus on Medical Grade Plastics.

Whats new in medical materials?
The medical plastics market has three key performance criteria which are required for most applications:

  1. Biologically compatibility.

  2. Sterilization, steam, chemical,  or gamma.

  3. Structural safety requirements.

Solvay although already a market leader in high performance medical grade plastics with their popular Radel PPSU has expanded their lineup to include new materials covering a wider range of cost, and performance needs.

Although the list of new materials is long today we will be covering three specific materials and what they can offer your next molding project.

1.  UDEL PSU is a durable and heat resistant polycarbonate alternative which offers greater hydrolytric stability and mechanical properties while still handling >100 steam sterilization cycles.  High clarity, and multiple color options makes UDEL PSU a great option for disposable low cost surgical or medical instrumentation.
For more information about UDEL PSU pleas read the UDEL Design Guide.

2.  IXEF PARA is a metal replacement polyarylamide with great aesthetic properties including gamma stabilized colors.  IXEF combines great strength and stiffness in a package capable of >10 steam sterilization cycle.
For more information about IXEF PARA pleas read the IXEF PARA Design Guide

3. PrimoSpire SRP is the strongest un-reinforced material Solvay offers which excels in hardness, and compression while maintaining dimensional stability even after 1000+ sterilization cycles.
For more information about PrimoSpire SRP pleas read the PrimoSpire SRP Design Guide.




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