Medical Industry

Looking to improve upon an existing tool, Dentsply Rinn came to Three R Plastics Inc.  Knowing the capabilities of Three R Plastics Inc. from prior projects, Dentsply Rinn came to Three R Plastics Inc. for a two shot molded assembly solution.
Using the latest modeling software Solidworks, Three R Plastics Inc. Was able to design and build a production family style mold along with the required second shot mold, as well as the required tools for assembling of the molded units.  The initial first shot family style mold gave Three R Plastics Inc. The ability to process a complete molded parts set for followup second shot molding and assembly.  A streamlined design and manufacturing process up front has allowed competitive molding and final assembly in house at Three R Plastics Inc.
Three R Plastics Inc. Assisted Dentsply Rinn in bringing an all new unit to market.  The new unit helped Dentsply Rinn increase their competitive edge with a stronger, easier to use, and more versatile product.  Increased bottom line and a better product, what more could one ask for?