Electronic Industry

Three R Plastics Inc. Was contacted to build the tooling for an all new enclosure lock.  The assemblies needed not only delicate overmolding of intricate metal connectors, but also assembly of key components.

Three R Plastics Inc. Began with solid models from the customer, with strict requirements for parting lines, gating, ejector locations, along with high tech material requirements.  Three R Plastics Inc. Met these requirements with excitement and set to production of tooling.  Tooling was built around not only strict molding requirements, but around overmolded inserts from outside vendors.  Tools were built, and are run to this day and despite intricate small parts, have had almost no down-time; allowing on-time delivery of completed molded assemblies.

Three R Plastics gained much from this project.  Not only did Three R Plastics learn about new molding materials, but also new molding techniques with a further indepth knowledge of custom multi-cavity unthreading tools.  A project that has benefited both customer and Three R Plastics.